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What stocks are you thinking of adding to your portfolio? We want to know what’s on your mind.

Add your investment questions below in our comments section and we may chose your stock to ask our Market Monitor guest about this Friday, Aug. 2.

Please remember to include your first name and your city and state.

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  1. Evelyn Santiago says:

    what is the projection on hip? Evelyn NYC, NY

  2. Miasha says:


  3. Robert says:

    -Robert, Park Ridge, Illinois

    This Reit has had a plunge but still pays 13% dividend. I have a twenty year time line (saving for my nursing home at age 90). Should I continue to hold this stock since my loss is only on paper at the moment. What about Reit’s currently as an investment? Are there others you would recommend?

  5. BILL says:

    What about WMB, is it going to grow?

  6. CD Sebastian says:

    Is Cisco a good long term stock? I’m up 33% from when I purchased it so I’m not sure if I should Sell or Hold. If I sell, I’d like to replace my investment with either Abbot Lab or AbbVie. Is this a prudent move?
    Cindy, San Francisco CA

  7. David McNeil says:

    I would like your opinion on Ur Energy (URG) specifically, and the uranium market in general. With China energy demands increasing and Japan reactors coming back on line, is uranium finally due for a resurgence? I’m from Anaheim, CA.

  8. Kim Doo says:

    HI my name is Kim Doo and I have been an avid watcher for many decades. I would like to see your market monitor evaluate USO and SCO as a vehivcle for investing utilizing the time decay of the option. I live in NYC

  9. Blaze says:

    Blaze in Scottsdalr, Arizona

    Please talk about NLY. Thanks.

  10. Doug Schwark says:

    I have noticed an increase in the use of avocados by fast food and restaurants and wonder what your market monitor thinks of CVGW.

  11. Tom says:

    Would appreciate your recomendation on John Deere (DE).

  12. Jim, La Quinta, California says:

    What do think about Procter & Gamble? Will inflation tank the stock? Is the dividend secure?

  13. Dave in Colorado says:

    Thoughts on Petrobras (PBR) ?

  14. Rachel says:

    I owned bonds in General Motors before its bankrupcy. When GM went bankrupt, I received warrants (GMWSA, GMWSB) and shares in MTLQU (I think this is income from the liquidation of the original GM). I don’t know how to use either of these. Can you help? My broker says I can use them (the warrants) to buy more GM stock. What I don’t understand is: Do I use these warrants in exchange for the GM stock or must I add to the current value of the warrant to buy at the current price of the GM stock? Also, can these warrants just be sold on the stock market?

  15. Natalie says:

    I like Cubic Corp, what do you think about the diversity of their businesses and overall outlook? Nat, Sebastopol, CA

  16. Joan says:


  17. Glenn in Las Vegas says:

    What is your opinion on Gencorp GY…It has been on a rise lately with other aerospace stocks.

  18. bob levine says:

    I would like more info about Whole Foods quarterly results and Procter & Gamble results.

    Thank yoy

  19. Phyllis Marsteller in Rhinebeck, NY says:

    The Japanese economy is improving, Consumer Reports has given a good rating to the Honda Accord, the average age of passenger vehicles in the U.S. is over 10 years, and Honda is producing many of its vehicles in the U.S. What do you think of Honda Motors as an investment?

  20. I would like your opinion on Whole Foods and Procter & Gamble.


    Bob Levine

    Potomac Md

  21. bob levine says:

    Since Macdonald left PG– How has PG faired without him?

    What say you about Whole Foods–Can it keep rising to 100 again n’ again?



    Potomac md

  22. Victor in MN says:

    scty, bac, c, kbh, brk.b

  23. David says:

    I can reply but how do you ask a question????
    My question is with VPCO the industry top manufacturer of the electronic water vapor cigarettes, and 60+ flavors that can be smoked ANYWHERE because there NO harmful smoke or smell, will this be the next leader at $1.00 per share?.
    This company is going to take off and replace unhealthy cigarettes. What is your thought?

    Colorado, Dave

  24. Harry Weiss says:

    Harry from Florida would like your market monitors opinion of Bidu ,and ACN.

  25. Mary Lou Ruane says:

    We have a small acct. and most in dividend producing stocks. However we keep adding to Berkshire/Hathaway-B shares a few at a time when we have the money. Please comment on what the future may hold for a small investor in this stock and if it is a good thing for us to continue to purchase small amts. of the stock as we get the money

  26. Frank Walker says:

    As an older worker, I am interested in dividend paying stocks. I presently own shares of Annaly Capital Management(NLY). Recently the shares have gone from $17 to $12. I would like to know your guest’s recommendation. Thank you.

  27. Nick says:

    Which is a better investment, Whole Foods Markets (WFM) ovr Costco (COST)?

  28. Irene says:

    What about GE?

  29. Chuck, Gig Harbor WA> says:

    Sturm Ruger has a low P E and excellent earnings. What is holding the stock back? Every body is buying guns and they are maxed out with orders.

  30. Bill Brewer says:

    Bill in Tigard Oregon

    What is your take on Sherwin Williams

    It has had a solid run. I was following this stock because at one time it was the largest holding of SAC but that seems to have disappeared with little impacty on price.

  31. Joel in Dallas says:

    NBR has diligently tracked Alcoa’s troubles and prospects for many quarters. The stock’s looked for a long time to be a strong value play depressed by an anemic cyclical recovery. In addition, there’s currently a lot of talk about banks hoarding aluminum and other commodities and the effects of that hoarding on markets and consumer prices. Where do you see Alcoa stock a year or two down the road?

  32. Brian R. Messick says:

    I’m from Dallas,tx. and would like to ask Mr. Tyler & Mrs. Susie about kindermorgan and oneoek pipeline companies stock to put in my portfolio. Me and my big brother never miss any of your shows.

    Thank you

    Brian R. Messick

  33. Sam Mukhopadhyay says:

    What is your outlook for Agilent Technologies, symbol “A” in NASDAQ.

    Vancouver, Canada

  34. Jay says:

    what do you think of stocks like TOT, PBA and BP ? Is it a good idea to hold the 3 stocks….Total SA ( has a 4% dividend which is attractive), PBA (has 5% dividend) and BP ( has 5% dividend ) as well ……so for a long term investor is there anything else which takes care of the opportunity cost ?


  35. Jay says:

    2 stocks on my mind BIG LOTS and BRKB…..I plan to hold these for long term ? appreciate your thoughts especially on BRKB?

    Jay in Saratoga, CALIFORNIA

  36. Larry, Port Ludow WA says:

    I’m interest in your “take” on LMT considering the confirmation of their recent order for 71 F35’s at a 4% discount. Enjoy your great program, which I have been watching for many years.

  37. Janice Champion says:

    My investment club almost sold EMC two months ago when it made a new bottom…but we held on and it has risen nicely, with the 50-day MA now well above the 200-day MA. It looks like EMC is nearing it’s ceiling. Also, a recent news story says that Tintri is taking market share from EMC. What is your opinion on EMC? Time to sell?

  38. Prakash Mhambrey of Muskego, WI says:

    In recent fiasco of Wall Street in 2008, the countries like Australia, New Zealand were least affected. What is your opinion about Australian banks with ticker symbol “WBK” and “NABZY”. Both these give closed to 7% dividend!!

  39. Robert Sloan says:

    What is your opinion of Nestle for a retirement portfolio ?

  40. Barry Magilnick says:

    Hi, my name is barry from monroe ct., I would like to know your thoughts on taseko mines (tgb). I currently own some shares and i am not sure weather to buy more, hold, or sell ? I believe the stock has a strong upside potential, what do you think . thank you Barry.

  41. Bill Johnson says:


  42. Larry Stewart says:

    Larry Stewart
    Bluffton Ohio
    Could you discuss SUNE and GTLS?

  43. What do you think about Micron Technology (MU)

  44. Ray in Cape Coral, Florida says:

    I’m a long term HE investor. Love those dividens. Any reason not to load up on it at the current price.

  45. Chris Powers, Portland, OR says:

    I bought WIlliams Company (WMB) in 2009 and have realized good returns and rising dividend payouts. I am concerned, however, that their payout ratio maybe unsustainable at 140%. Can you recommend similar stocks in this space that have more attractive payout ratios?

  46. Tommy T says:

    Tommy T; New York, NY

    What are your thoughts on the mid to long term prospects for Iridium? Should we get onboard before it takes off or stay away?

  47. david,California says:

    what is your outlook on CAA and IDTI? I’ve held onto this stock more than 10 years. Is it time to take my lost.

  48. davecolorado says:

    What is your view on VPCO as a manufacturer leader?

  49. Ian, Greensboro NC says:

    Is KMI (as a manager of MLP assets), a better play on the sector than owning an MLP directly? It pays a common dividend as opposed to the more complicated tax impliations of an MLP.

  50. tricia fitzpatrick says:

    CSX and AA tricia from broomfield colorado

  51. tricia fitzpatrick says:

    Do you think fannie mae will ever come back? Tricia boomfield colorado

  52. What is the outlook for OSUR (OraSure Tech). It was riding high for a while, then it just plummeted! Do you think they will regain some momentum? Jeff Gleneden Beach Oregon

  53. Do you think Altria is a safe dividend play over the next few years?

  54. jerry eldridge says:

    MNKD will Mankind solve the Diabetes Problem

  55. Shank says:

    do you think AMD will survive in the next few years given the competition it is facing from intel and nvidia

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