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What stocks do you want our Market Monitor guest to discuss this Friday, July 26?

Let us know what’s on your mind by submitting a comment below. Don’t forget to include your first name, city and state.

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  1. Amy-California says:

    I have had GPS (GAP) stock since 1999 and it is finally above the price I bought it for. Do you think it will continue to grow or should I consider selling it?

  2. James Hernandez says:

    I have a suggestion for the NBR staff. If possible please announce who the Friday Market Monitor guest is, and which company hew works for. Clearly some Market Monitor guests may cover specific industries or segments.

  3. Ron Vesely says:

    How much furture do you think Ford will advance.

  4. Am movil AMX
    East Lansing, mi

  5. Grant says:


    I have enjoyed NBR for over a decade.
    Can you please talk about Zale Corp (ZLC) and Hovnanian Enterprises (HOV). I have positions in both and wondering where the stock prices may be in the next 12-18 months.

    Thank you
    Houston, TX

  6. Kiran - NJ says:

    How is AAPL (Apple) to hold or Sell?
    AFL to hold or Sell?
    DAKT to hold or Sell?

  7. Michele Burier says:

    Discuss HOG Michele from DeBary Fl.
    If you have an IRA you must start RMD at age 70 and 1/2 so where do you reinvest the required withdrawal that is more then 4%

  8. paul ziady says:

    I was wondering if you could give me some information on this a good time to buy or would you recommend selling?
    Haverhill mass.

  9. Rick says:

    What’s the outlook for Dell Computer?

  10. Mary Krantzler says:

    Could you comment on TiVo? None of the analyst seem to follow this stock.
    Mary from Miami, Florida

  11. Dave says:

    I would like to know if Proctor & Gamble and Target are good stocks to own?

    Mt Vernon, OH

  12. Duane Bontrager says:

    Should I hold, buy, or sell my ford stock? Duane, Ashley, MI

  13. Jay Hohenshil says:

    Please review the General Electric Co.(G E) & the Timken Co.(TKR) on your upcoming Friday evening program.

    Thank you Jay Hohenshil Plymouth, Mich. 48170

  14. John New York says:

    HARSCO is a smaller cap stock that has increased its dividend for decades. Recently it has slumped in price. What is your outlook for this company.

  15. Joe Gerstner says:

    Comment request: OGMCX…the PM markets…how or are they linked to Bernanke’s easing effects? Or, are they more strongly correlated with the strength of the of the dollar?

  16. Jim says:

    Annally Capital Management, Inc ( NLY ) Thank you. Jim, Brevard, N.C.

  17. Hell Team. I am interested in your assessments of Multicell Technologies (MCET) and Capstone Microturbine (CPST)

  18. Ed Green says:

    A stock that I desire you to track is Dominion Power.

  19. Carol says:

    Please discuss mortage REITS such as AGNC. Why have the prices gone down?
    Carol, Sylvania, OH., western boarder of Toledo.

  20. ROBERT NEAL says:

    What is your short and long outlook for PSX please?

  21. Mike Dorsaneo says:


  22. Please discuss the prospects for CORNING (GLW). I know they make fiber optics for communication companies and glass for cell phones and TV’s, but their stock seems to be stuck in the $14 range.

    Richard in North Carolina

  23. Bill lewis says:

    I would like to know your take on Sauer Energy (SENY). Some say this is a “pump and dump” stock. My research shows they have a viable tested product. Also patents around the world. No production, only R&D.

    Bill, Sandpoint, Idaho

  24. davef7 says:

    AZO (AutoZone) What drives the price of this stock up, considering their Liabilities are over $1.5 billion higher than their assets and they pay no dividend? Operating cash flow is only 15% of revenue. Dave Sun City, AZ

  25. bp says:

    from cerritos,ca

  26. Elizabeth Rivas says:

    I’m interested in buying Coca Cola and Valero. If you could discuss either or both, I’d appreciate it.

  27. Glenn Tribe says:

    I’d like you to comment on ROP, traded on the NYSE.
    Glenn, Vancouver, WA

  28. Hello again. Sorry about the email that I sent you guys earlier when I should have posted my request here. My name is Richard. I am from Clermont, Florida. I would love to hear one of your analyst talk about AMD – Advanced Micro Devices

  29. Victoria, Phila., PA says:


  30. Victoria, Phila., PA says:

    I have read interesting articles on all three companies. As with so many companies stock prices are at an all time or yearly high.
    Are the companies growing and considered good investments at this time. Thank you.

  31. Danny Hunter says:

    Danny Hunter from San Luis Obispo, CA

    SSD — a good housing / construction play and a possible take over by BRK?

  32. Victoria. Phila., PA says:

    I enjoy Nightly Business Report and have been watching for a few years. I also miss the original cast.

  33. Victoria, Phila PA says:


  34. Kamran says:

    I would like to ask your market monitor guest about GE, is it a hold or buy at around 25?
    And as good old Paul Kangas would say,”wishing all of you the best of good buys”!

    Kamran from Atlanta, GA

  35. Ian, Greensboro NC says:

    I would like your Market Monitor guest to disucss KMI. It is a manager of Kinder Morgan assets. It pays a common dividend of about 4%, yet it is paid from several different MLP groups. Is this a better choice than holding a higher paying MLP directly and dealing with the complicated taxes associated with them?

  36. Charlotte B, Spokane Valley, WA, USA says:

    What does the Market Monitor think about the future of Stora Enso Oyj?

  37. Gary Stafford says:

    I would like your analyst to address the following two stocks: Halliburton (HAL) and Flowserve (FLS) if possible.

  38. Paul Hadavas says:

    What would be a better REIT for a long term investment,
    HCP or NYMT?

    Paul, Savannah, GA

  39. Loren says:

    POTash Corp. Fertilizer supplier for agriculture, outlook for the foreseeable future.
    Loren Minot, ND

  40. Jim Donovan says:

    Love your new show. Have owned Microsoft for a couple years now and am wondering if I should stick with it.

    Jim, San Jose, CA

  41. Drew barker says:

    agnc stock

  42. Drew barker says:

    1.05 payout per share agnc stock wow easy money!!!!

  43. Shannon - Pinebluff, NC says:

    How will issues with the new Dreamliner affect Boeing stock?

  44. jon mcmaster says:

    I would like to know about Dominion Resources. How did the P/E go from 25 to 100 so quickly. I am putting money into D for my child’s college and will need it in about 10 years.

  45. Reggie Smith says:

    Genera electric GE
    What to do sell, hold or sell? Think its coming back ever so slowly, but will it get to the mid 30’s again?

  46. Joe C says:

    Hi What’s your opinion of Hershey (HSY) It’s had a good run this year, will that continue? Joe Philadelphia, Pa

  47. I own Harley-Davidson (HOG). I purchased the stock as a long-term investement for my nephew and myself. What do you think of the long-term prospects for this company?

    Edward – Flanders, New Jersey

  48. Richard Miron says:

    Is Genuine Parts Company (GPC) a buy, hold or sell? It has doubled in 3 years and pays a 2.6% dividend.

  49. Randall says:

    What do you think about Glu Mobile (GLUU) for the next six to twelve months?

    Randall – Rougemont,NC

  50. mark duran says:

    Pier One has risen from 10 cents/share to $24/share since the ’08 crash. What is its future? Have any other stocks done better since the crash?

  51. LO in Oklahoma says:

    Can you cover ONVO? This company uses 3D printing to “manufacture” human cells for research and potentially for transplants. I would love to hear from someone at the company to determine if it is a viable investment.

  52. Janice Stapley says:

    Janice from Little Silver, NJ

    Could you cover Merck – an important business for many in NJ or compare Merck with J&J??

  53. Is McDonald’s a long term hold

  54. Sy Burschlag says:

    What is your opinion of my portfolio? Do you think it’s balanced? Ford, Xerox, Home Depot , Janus growth&income fund, small cap fund etf & mid cap fund

  55. Dennis Reilly says:

    I’m a long-term investor in Thermo Fisher (TMO). What is your short-term and long-term outlook for TMO?

    Dennis in SC

  56. Lucille Marzano says:

    Please profile ZTS. What’s your prognosis for this stock?

  57. Steve V. Horning says:

    Hi ,I would like some comments on two companies I personally hold positions in. Cincinnati Financial(CINF) and SEADRILL (SDRL) Both are long term hold and pay very good quarterly dividends.

  58. Dan Symonds says:

    Can you comment on closed end funds specializing in call write options such as BOE, BDJ, BGY, EXG, ETY, etc. They sport deep discounts to NAV and high pay-outs (admittedly return of investment). Is now a good time to invest in these types of securities, and if so, which ones? Thanks. Dan

  59. Mark Banfiel;d says:

    With the Federal Reserve eventually tapering QE3 and possibly letting interest rates normalize would you please comment on Freeport (FCX) and AgnicoE (AEM) . Thank you.

  60. Ken Kirk says:

    What’s your opinion on (TOWN) Towne Bank, its a regional bank based in Virginia.

  61. phil says:

    How can you NOT discuss ONVO-going from the pinks 8 days ago, with volume in the ho-hum thousands, to uplisting and catching ON FIRE for a week, trading well into the millions and more than DOUBLING in share price. Can you say ISRG?!

  62. Danny says:

    What do you think about WEN stock ? It’s on a roll , and how high do you think this stock can go ?

  63. John says:

    Is FORD headed to $20?

  64. Melanie says:

    Please discuss the future of Blackberry (BBRY) and what it would take for a turnaround in value.


  65. Roger mathews says:

    Nq Mobil in

  66. Judy - Seattle, WA says:

    Interested in thoughts on CTG. It plummeted 24% today (7-23).

  67. Bud Burns says:

    Bud Burns, San Jose, CA
    Can your Market Monitor guest discuss LLTC and AVGO – – – both semiconductor manufacturers but with different product mixes.

  68. Hakeem Abdellah says:

    Hello Market Monitor team,

    What is your outlook for SBUX over the next year? Hakeem from Brooklyn, NY.

  69. Please discuss John Deere (DE) or Next Era Energy (NEE)

  70. Steve Taylor says:

    American States Water Company.

  71. Ron says:

    Does USEC (USU) have a strong future financially? It was up over 100% this week.

  72. David, Salem, Oregon says:

    David from Salem Oregon asks;
    Is Peabody (BTU) a buy? There has been a lot of media comments about the world moving away from coal, however, demand is up and supply is getting tighter.

  73. Peter Ripley says:

    I recently bought EQM in the natural gas industry Is this stock a good representative of the sector and what are its prospects?

  74. Gene from Huntington Beach, Ca says:

    I own qualcomm since the late ’90, since then the stock has not done much. Is it time to bail?

  75. Clay Jones says:

    My stocks are csx,d,de,f,ge,mo,mwv,pg,t and wfc.What do you think of my portfolio?Which stocks do you think i should sell?

  76. Hal says:

    Discover Financial Services (DFS) has received approval from the Federal Reserve to repurchase its stock and increase its dividend for three straight years. Many Wall Street analysts are currently estimating status quo earnings performance that appears to be discounting the beneficial effects of growth strategies upon which Discover is embarking. Considering competition from American Express, MasterCard and Visa, what is your take on both the short term and long term prospects of DFS as an investment?

    Hal, Winston-Salem, NC

  77. Steve says:

    What’s up with VALE? Heard good things but going nowhere

  78. Ron says:

    What do you think about PLUG, BLDP, FCEL?

  79. Fred Stutzenberger says:

    What future do you see for Zebra Technologies (ZBRA)? In five years, share price has gone from 32 to 46, but earnings growth is weak and the bar code field is crowded with competitors. Fred in South Carolina

  80. Jeff says:

    What’s your take on Great Southern Bancorp (GSBC)? This stock has had a nice run up in price, and this week they handily beat EPS estimates. Is this a good long-term investment?

    Jeff from Missouri

  81. Steve says:

    Steve from Philadelphia PA
    What are your thoughts on Cold Water Creek – CWTR. They appear to be making some thoughtful changes but is it enough to turn the company around? What is your 12 month price target estimate.

  82. Norm, Elk Grove Village, Illinois says:

    I haved owned Walgreens for long time and it was flat over the the last decade. It has experienced a huge run up lately. Is it because of its recent acquisitions and settlement of the Express Scripts contract. Will this keep the future bright for Walgreens? (I really like the continued dividend increases and plan to hold the stock.)

  83. Lydia says:

    Please comment on: Auto part supplier Magna International, symbol MGA, Sell, hold or buy? Target?

  84. Norm of Elk Grove Village, Illinois says:

    I am a long time holder of Walgreens stock. Can the recent run-up be sustained?

  85. Vimal says:

    I am long on AEO and AMKR for several years. Both stocks are stuck in neutral while market this YTD is in the green. Should I sell or hold one or both for greener pastures?

  86. Cecil from Southern CA. says:

    What do you think of ETF: SCHW on Schwab

  87. Derek - Tucson, AZ says:

    I’ve held ADSYQ, which is a cable advertising company, for years, but without much movement. With more than half of US households having cable subscriptions, why doesn’t this stock move?

  88. Chuck says:

    What do you think of RUGER? Has a low PE and excellent earnings.

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