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Calling all investors! We want to know what stocks you’d like our market monitor guest to discuss this week.

Please submit your questions below and include your first name and where you are from.

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  1. Diane Turner says:

    DE Masters (DEMB, formerly Sarah Lee) and JAB/Oak Leaf who is buying DEMB to take it private. Its confusing investors; annual meeting is July 31 in Amsterdam. Shareholders have til Aug. 15 to decide whether to tender their shares. Looks like a take it or leave it proposition, what do you think? Also, is DE preparing to pay dividends on the shares as they said they would? DEMB is the international coffee and tea business of Sarah Lee that was spun off last year. Thanks! Your show is great. Diane (Mt. Prospect, IL)

  2. SANDRA SMOK says:

    Please discuss Molycorp in particular and rare earth metals in general.

    • patsy palmer says:

      I also would like to if I should hold Molycorp. The stock was doing well, then fizzled.

      • Len says:

        Hello Patsy,

        I’m making this comment because I recently bought forty shares of this company based on news I found highly interesting. I therefore can’t recommend it to anyone since it has a long way to go to become profitable, and there are many fine corporations that pay good dividends.

        The story behind this corporation is highly intriguing. From what I can understand, they are looking to open up abandoned gold mines where miners from a century ago discarded what today are known as rare earth metals. Seventeen metals make up the rare earths, and China has had a monopoly on them. This can all change if companies like Molycorp are able to compete and get these metals to market for the new rage of computerized gadgets like smart phones.

        For ages, gold was much sought after, especially for jewelry. Today India and China hoard the most gold, the U.S. is now far beyond. The younger generation wants smart phones and neglects what previous generations cherished…GOLD.

        The rare earth metals are needed for many modern day applications. I can see where they will one day be traded like the other commodities.

        I’m not sure if Molycorp will be a big player in this new trend. There are other companies mining these rare earth metals in the U.S. right now.

        I however took a shot that this could be a company with big moves in its stock price that could make me acquire enough shares while taking some profits along the way.

        Should it go beyond $10.00 a share, I would sell some, and wait if it drops back down again.

        In other words, I see it as a trading stock.

        Thanks for asking and I hope this helps you re-think this investment.

        Best wishes,


  3. Robert Wooton says:

    Robert from Kentucky! Recently VERIZON has had declines; what do you see for the future of this stock?

  4. Rodica Cristea says:

    I have a portfolio with: RIGL,AMD, MU and FMCC. Please let me know how this stock are doing. I am watching you every day and I love your program. I am from Romania leaving now in Los Angeles.
    Thank you so much.

  5. WILLIAM BARD says:

    Comment about financials, regional and otherwise.


  6. craig szarwinski says:

    arr stock, my name is craig from saint louis mo.

  7. Alexis Barroso says:

    How does the outlook of Vodafone Group Public Limited Company (VOD) look for the next year now that they have purchased Kabel Deutschland and continue to hold 45% of Verizon Wireless?

    Alexis B. from Texas

  8. Amy-California says:

    I bought GPS (GAP) in 1999. It tanked for most of the past years and is now making a little money for me…what do you think the future will bring for this stock? it is time to sell or hold on for awhile?

  9. Richard Barnes says:

    I would like to know how holding companies stack up as long term investments.

  10. murray says:

    Hoping that Facebook would do as good as Google stock, when Facebook (FB) went public, this senior from California on 05-21-2012 at 09:30 ET bought 9 FB stock @ about $37 a share (investing $346.84). I am very much disappointed outraged and angry at Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook because for the horrible/disterous performance of FB. Through raising expectations via propaganda, Mark cheated investers and pocketed enormous amount. Please tell Mark to buy back its FB stock from me and share some of the fortune that he pocketed (when took his business public) with me Sincerely, Murray

  11. Jenny says:

    I bought 300 shares of AAPL last year at around $600 per share. Do you think I should sell AAPL at this price or hold for higher price later? Do you think AAPL will go higher down the road?

    Jenny / Minnesota

  12. Vivek shah says:

    Prediction on Apple stock.

  13. Fernando Fravica says:

    Hi I would like info on telefonica symbol tef than’s From Toronto Canada

  14. I own two intl telecom stocks ORAN AND NZTCY
    They are at lows and pay good dividends.
    Your opinion on their future?

  15. James, California says:

    What do you think about Walgreens? It just seems to keep plodding long, year after year (the last stock split was 1999). Do you think “Obamacare” will send the stock to record heights?

  16. Derek says:

    Could you tell me if ADSYQ has long-term potential? It’s a cable advertising company that has interesting technology, but I never hear analysts cover it.

  17. Chris says:

    The stock I would be interested in is SodaStream (SODA) This is sort of the epitome of a lot of “good” stocks I have come across. On the surface when you look at earnings and other measures of valuation they seem to be doing fine. Although the earnings seem to be leaving revenue behind. And going to the balance sheet, you find ever increasing inventories and amounts in Accounts receivables. The question is how can you tell whether or not a company is ramping up for growth or if it is all smoke and mirrors? This company in particular is also up for sale. A somewhat troubling sign. What do you think? I tried to post this once before. Forgive me if it’s a duplicate.
    Chris Washington, DC

  18. Mike Sanchez says:

    I would be interested in small cap stocks. Metabolix (MBLX) or NPS Pharmaceuticals (NPSP) are two stocks I would like to hear more about.
    Mike O’Fallon, IL

  19. Gary Brussell says:

    Please discuss 8 x 8, Inc. (EGHT), a telephone/cloud computing co. +100% in last year. Another 52 week high today at $8.98.
    Gary Brussell, Hollywood, CA

  20. Bill Kauth says:

    With earnings coming out this week, I would like to hear why Google at almost $920, and makes something like 80% of its revenue via advertising is so much higher than Microsoft, around $36.00 and supplies something like 80% of business software for the office computer needs. Is our world so crazy that it will buy a growth based stock at 25 times the price, rather than invest in a long term player? I’ll buy office productivity anytime over consumer sales & marketing.

    • yoshiaki Hiyama says:

      Microsoft and any major softwear company uses method call structual programming — which small company usually not(Harvard) it is far easy to add or modify package than independent program so you getwhat you pay for it–unless you can modify program by yourself but it is little different than having fun at garage with old vintage car

    • Dierbaar says:

      BTW – I’m from Dallas, Texas

      • Len says:


        (I haven’t written to a stranger in a long time, so please bear with me)

        Stocks don’t make it easy to figure valuations because many have had stock splits. One of the few that comes to mind is Berkshire Hathaway, the company founded by one of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffett. It never split. (Most splits are two for one, thereby creating twice the float of shares than before the split). Had you invested with Warren way back in the 1950’s, and bought a few shares selling then for about $500.00 a share, today they are worth way over $100,000.00 a share. That’s quite a run, and beats most any other investment.

        The stock float of Microsoft (or the shares outstanding), are about 8.2 billion shares. That allows for about fifteen stock splits, occurring mostly when Microsoft was a much sought after growth company. Today it is looked at as a stable technology company with multiple businesses, the largest perhaps is the philanthropic foundation of William Gates, which he uses his Microsoft stock to finance. Bill Gates is one of the few commendable C.E.O.’s.

        Google has never seen a stock split. It has only 270 million shares, or roughly one share outstanding for every twenty five of Microsoft. It will be very easy for Google to go beyond $1,000.00 per share before Microsoft sees $40.00 a share.

        In sum, Microsoft is similar to G.E. They both hardly move much and are relatively stable, and have a broad following for their dividends.

        It is, Dierbaar, a lesson in arithmetic before anything else.

        If you multiply $33.00 a share by 25, you get a similar valuation.

        I will sign myself as the guy who happen to have had, by accident, the largest share gainer of the day when I asked about Regeneron.

        Good luck, and all good wishes,


  21. Jeff M. says:

    McDonald’s (MCD) is such a solid company with a continuously increasing dividend. Is this a good long-term investment for the conservative investor?

    Jeff from Missouri

  22. Rob Salter says:

    What toy companies will be positioned well for the holiday season and how will the niche group of educational/learning toy manufacturers perform specifically LeapFrog Enterprises(LF).

    The Nightly Business Report with Susie & Tyler is poetry in business motion, please don’t ever change the format. Thanks so much, Rob in California.

  23. Lynda Cooley says:

    Comment on tech in general and Microsoft in particular. Lynda

  24. Prakash MHAMBREY says:

    What went wrong with the “TOTAL”?

  25. June Brettler says:

    June in NY:
    I have been following American Tower and saw that it sold off like other REITs after the taper talk by the Fed. It’s by no means a high yielder so the prospects of higher interest rates should not effect it much. I’m guessing the reason is because of redemptions by shareholders of REIT and real estate mutual funds these funds needed to sell off some of their holdings. Can you please elaborate.

  26. yoshiaki Hiyama says:

    Seattle Wa, there is tunnel project to improve waterfront,came to face problem with vibration and old brick buildings –very small company working to solve the problem with steel support adding to it with UW (Univ. of Washignton)–go husky!!!

  27. Hana says:

    Why the gold stocks has been going down even when gold was going higher. Example:
    abx and nem. Any comments on the long term direction of these stocks?

  28. Justin Culkowski says:

    I am interested in Northern Tier Energy (NTI) Can a stock yielding 20% be too good to be true? With oil prices going up, this should be good for NTI or is it? Thanks for considering this stock for comment.
    Justin in Syracuse, NY

  29. Jim McKinney says:

    Some stocks to pick from for the monitor to talk about: Lowes, eBay, EMC, Whole Foods, Microsoft, KB Homes, Cisco, Ford, Intel, GE. I own the first 4 and have the others marked as possible buys. What do they think? Also, what do they think of gold and dividend funds?
    Jim from Philadelphia, Pa.

  30. Pat Landgraf says:

    For this weeks market maonito.
    I have long followed PCP (Precision Cast Parts). Is the rise of 3D printing going to impact their business?

  31. kerry from Hilo , Hawaii says:

    I have owned Becton, Dickinson(BDX) for over a decade and wish to hear your prognostication on BDX. Will it’s future be as bright as it’s past?

    Kerry Meyer
    Hilo. HI

  32. mark diodati says:

    i want to buy brkb. is it a good time

  33. What is your view on cigarette stocks MO And PM?

  34. Jim says:

    I’ve bought and sold Active Power (ACPW) over the past ten years, always making a good return. I’m still very interested in the company and its technology suite of UPS devices. What is your long-term outlook on this stock? And I’m also interested in general on what sorts of things an individual investor should look at, when investing in small-cap, historically volatile stocks.
    Austin, Texas

  35. Fred Vella says:

    I would like to know what is a good food stock to invest in

  36. David says:

    As a long-term holder of Intel I would appreciate a discussion of the Companies future prospects competing in markets such as mobile rather than PCs. Thank you! David in Blue Hill, Maine

  37. What do you think the future holds for McDonalds stock (MCD)? Their dividend reinvestment program is good, however as the economy improves fast food stocks can drop- which in turn can be good for investors. Would appreciate your thoughts. Penny from Columbus. OH

  38. Len says:

    I have followed REGENERON for twenty years. I recommended it to co-workers way back, but people can’t hold on long enough. I bought and sold it many times over, in small increments. It has wide price swings, and like most stocks, gets “talked down” enough to keep you away.

    Somehow I believe through their eye treatment, known as Eylea, this company can make inroads into a new and better form of medical care and treatment and render most procedures obsolete.

    Amazingly, it has delivered high revenue and profits in recent times, taking the stock from about $15.00 a share a few years ago, to well over $200.00 today.

    I am in awe over this company.


    Maple Shade, new Jersey

  39. Dave Kuczborski says:

    Comments about Unisys UIS?
    Dave Warminster Pa.

  40. Ray D says:

    I currently own shares of EPD in the energy sector. The yield is attractive at plus four percent. The stock has appreciated since my initial purchase. In your opinion, would it be prudent to add shares at current prices?

  41. Buzz Little says:

    Please discuss short term prospects for BNSF (BRK.b) for the next 2 years. Have a good position and would like your analysis for future growth. THX so much! w/r Buzz, San Diego CA

  42. Saed Tamimi says:

    Saed Tamimi Roseville, CA
    Short term outlook on QCOM

  43. Fred S. says:

    Also would like to hear about Northern Tier Energy (NTI)

    Fred, Reston, VA

  44. JOSE HERNANDEZ says:


    My question is Which Stock will be likely to go up AMD or INTC? and Do you think MCP (Molycorp) will be a good investment at the current stock price?

  45. Frank from Massachusetts says:

    My father now 76 Is looking for a good place to put his nest egg. Prior to the crash in 08 he was able to live off of the interest only from high yield savings accounts. For a while he had it in Municipal bond funds, however these seem to be loosing value as the end of QE2 nears. Can you recommend any other safe investments for retirees that offer a stable return until QE2 has ended and interest rates stabilize?

  46. Derek says:

    Derek in Tucson: Could you tell me if ADSYQ (Ad Systems Communications) has long-term potential? It’s a cable advertising company that has interesting technology, but I never hear analysts cover it. I would like to know if I should hold my shares, sell, or buy more, based on where the cable market is going.

  47. Lieh Oung says:

    Please ask the market monitor quest about the refinery industry and Marathon Petroleum (MPC) in particular. thanks,
    Sunnyvale, California

  48. Jim Howard, Grinnell, Iowa says:

    What is your growth outlook for MarkWest Energy Partners? The stock is paying an attractive dividend (around 5%) and appears to have good geographic positioning to benefit from the strong gas and oil production we are currently seeing in the United States.

    Thank you!

    Jim Howard
    Grinnell, Iowa

  49. I would like the Market Monitor to discuss the long term prospects for Service Corporation International (SCI) and Applied Materials (AMAT). Will the future downtrend in PC sales negatively affect AMAT, or are their products in demand from enough other electronics manufacturers to maintain or increase sales?

  50. Giuseppe says:

    Altria vs Philip Morris International

    Diageo vs Sab Miller

    Coca Cola (KO) vs Pepsi

    Thank You,
    Coupeville, WA

  51. Thom Broderick, from Columbia, Maryland says:

    My Maryland municipal bond fund has gone down ten per cent in the last couple months because interest rates have increased about 1/2 per cent. The symbol is NMY. Is there any chance it will go back up?

  52. Oli in Hilo, HI says:

    Tesla Motors (TSLA) is reporting earnings next week. When it did so last quarter, it surprised to the upside and the stock price rocketed largely to cover the high percentage of short sellers. The price has continued to climb and though it has pulled back in recent days, it is still well above the levels before the previous earnings report. The short float remains high, as is the stock price by any conventional measure of value. Is another big upward move likely when earnings are released next week? And are the current high prices sustainable for very long considering the valuation? How does this compare with previous high fliers that turned out to be good investments long term (e.g., Google, Apple, Netflix, Intuitive Sorgical)?

    Thank you

  53. Julie says:

    tesla please! It’s the hot stock at the moment.

  54. Question regarding TWMC (Trans World Entertainment): What is the outlook? The company has offered to buy shares at around $5 from shareholders. Should we sell?

  55. Glen Lotusland says:

    Starbucks has hit all-time highs recently and has been making interesting partnerships this week, such as with a high-end French department store. Does it have room to run? Or should I take money off the table? I’m in Vancouver, Canada.

  56. Sam says:

    NBR is the best 30 min news available to viewers like us!! Thank you for all your hard word in bringing us quality news. I invested in SPLS for the long term but don’t know if its a good long term investment seeing competition from online retailers. I would appreciate your feedback.
    Sam from Livermore, CA

  57. Joe says:

    Update on LINE and CHK would be nice. Next time you have a story on China any word on BIDU would be helpful.

    Hope all is well,
    Joe, OK

  58. Suresh, MI says:

    Suresh from MI. ESI – ITT Tech Services. The recent crackdown by Dept of Education on for-profit sector has brought most stocks down in this sector. ESI was a great business provided excellent cash flow, ROE before all this. What is the future for ESI with its low PE now?

  59. Michael Szpisjak says:

    Really enjoy NBR. I would like an update on ALSK. Month of July the stock is taking off, why?

    Northbrook, il

  60. rich says:

    What is the outlook for Arcelor Mittal. They pay a good dividend, their price is bargain basement, and their debt was downgraded to junk last year. Orchard Beach, MD

  61. Bob from Illinois says:

    I Would like to see a interview with Byron Elton CEO of Carbon Sciences Inc. The Company can make Gasoline from natural gas snd CO2 {carbon dioxide} on site. No need for shipping to refineries. The market Potential and cost savings is fantastic, not to mention the reduction in Polution. they can make other transportation fuels as well.

  62. Manny says:

    This is Manny from Miami.
    I would like your thoughts on Walter Energy (WLT). With China’s slowdown the demand for metallurgical coal has fallen. The company has recently resolved an internal board struggle, slashed dividends to near zero, and restructured to lower costs. Where do you see Walter energy heading in the next six-twelve months?

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