Nightly Business Report — July 3, 2013

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, the big June jobs report – the Federal Reserve watches it closely. NBR will look at what a strong or weak number could mean for the economy, markets and fed policy.
Plus, the business community reacts to the delay of a key provision in the Affordable Care Act.

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  1. Tony Sword says:

    Mr. Liesman-
    I enjoyed your program about Sieman’s apprenticeship program. I wanted to give you a personal note reflecting how differently American companies approach the issue. I graduated in 1974 with a 4-year Finance Degree in Business Administration. Much of my college education was paid for by Ford Motor Company. In 1978, I accepted a four-year apprenticeship for a Metal Patternmaker. 3 years into the program, Ford decided to close its foundries, closing a number of plants. Accordingly, I graduated from the 4 year apprenticeship in 1982. Ford, having no need for Journeymen Patternmakers, laid me off. Accordingly, I used my Finance Degree, and became a Financial Advisor with Ameriprise. Now, I’m nearing retirement and Ford has offered me a pension buyout, which I’m considering. Perhaps European companies place a different emphasis on their apprenticeship programs, but not in America. The American companies hire when times are good, and lay-off employees big-time when growth slows. I only know Ford paid a lot of money for my training, a skill I never got to utilize. But I’ve still got my pension, and a journeyman’s card.

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