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What stocks would you like our market monitor guest to discuss this week? Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst at Rockwell Securities, will be our guest on Friday, July 5 and we’d like to know what you want to hear from him.

Please submit your comments below and include your first name and state.

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  1. Sue Haley says:

    I am from Austin, Texas and would like a discussin of Qualcom please.
    Thank you,

  2. Maria New York says:

    I am interested in Aceto, ticker ACET, Pie Five ticker PZZI, and Cisco ticket CSCO

  3. Roy Vanhoozer says:

    I would like to hear his and others thoughts on ORB and/or ONVO. My name is Roy from Lexington, KY and I watch every night that I am at home. I have recently taken a position in ONVO and I am now looking at ORB.

  4. Christopher L. Wheeler says:

    I would really appreciate it if Wayne would discuss investing in Graphene; whether to buy into the hype, and if so what companies look more promising than others. Thank you!

  5. julia says:

    Please cover Caterpillar (CAT) and how it will be affected by the downturn on the mining sector that by now is well underway.
    – Julia, New York

  6. Harry Brown says:

    PCYC has several drugs in the pipeline. Do you think PCYC is a good long term investment? If so, why

  7. Robert Maxson says:

    Bob… .. ..PA ….Discuss AET Aetna Insurance and F Ford Motor Co…..Thank you

  8. john b small says:

    Please discuss Herman Miller (MLHR). John, Pennsylvania

  9. Scott says:

    TRN – Trinity Industries. I like the business model of being able to make rail cars for sale or lease them. Flexible. There’s also an infrastructure kicker.

  10. John Roberts says:

    Please discuss General Electric and Bank of America. Thank you.

  11. Robin says:

    Please discuss the potential of Rite Aid (RAD).

  12. Rob S. says:

    I would like to have the Market Monitor discuss Fluor Corporation, stock symbol FLR.

    Rob – CA

    Thanks so much.

  13. Sam N. says:

    Would you please consider Cliffs Natural Resources Inc(NYSE:CLF) for your discussion.
    I would like to know the current and future direction for iron/ore business.


  14. John Roberts North Carolina says:

    Please discuss General Electric and Bank of America.

  15. cecilia says:

    Please talk about Interactive Brokers Group, IBKR. And what are some biotech stocks that are doing well?

  16. Sally Joller says:

    AMX – America Movil
    I’ve been watching NBR forever, since I graduated high school in 1979.
    The best thing about my DVR is that I never miss a show. Over the years the format has changed, always for the better. Love it.
    Best show for financial news.

    Sally J.

    Export PA (Go Pirates)

  17. cecilia says:

    I, Cecilia, am from Ohio.

  18. James T Murray says:

    BRFH Barfresh Foods.

  19. Glen says:

    I would like Wayne to discuss Icahn Enterprise. Symbol: IEP. My first name is Glen from Carleton, Mi. Thank you.

  20. Alexis Barroso says:

    Please discuss Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), Sony Corporation (SNE), and Vodafone Group Public Limited Company (VOD) moving forward into the next year.

    Alexis from Texas.

  21. Swati Singh says:

    Hi Market Monitor! This is Swati from California. Can you please discuss Brocade Communications Systems (NASDAQ: BRCD) and where you think the company is headed?

  22. Thomas Allen says:

    Please ask Mr. Kaufman about his analysis of Ford Motor Co. (F).

    Tom Allen
    Missoula, Montana

  23. John from Ohio says:

    Wayne, what do you think about TSLA (TESLA), Pandora & Siri? For Tsla, Is the $100 or more for their stock worth it with well established Ford barely getting to $16.00. Siri has been around for years yet can’t get back over $4.00.

  24. Collin S says:

    SNA. My snap-on dealer told me that his company is the only one, in the history,… Of the NYSE , that has had a dividend for its shareholders, every year,….. Since the depression of the 30’s. Is that true. If so. Wow

  25. Darlene says:

    Please discuss Snap-on Corporation (SNA). My father was one of the early workers hired after it was formed in Milwaukee, WI in the 1920s. He purchased company stock in the 1940s, and I am fortunate to have inherited a portion of them. When the company moved to Kenosha, WI, my dad moved too, serving as foreman of the Tool Room until he died in 1959. SNA shares have increased nicely in the recent past, and I’m wondering if they will split again, as they have several times in the past. What determines a share split? Thank you. Darlene from Wisconsin

  26. Bob in PA says:

    Would you please comment on ucore (uuraf ] in the rare earth sector, jive software [jive] in the social media and finally invensense [invn] in mobile arena. Thank you.

  27. andy says:

    Andy /California

    With rumored talk about the joint wireless ownership with Vodaphone being evaluated, please comment on Verizon and it’s future value.

    Thank You

  28. Kathy from California says:

    What do you think about energy stocks given that the price of crude and price of gasoline seem to have been relatively stable over the last few months?

  29. Gloria nolan says:

    Gloria California
    Thank you

  30. Marcella Hhaines says:

    PLUS Ramifications of recent patent infringement litigation victory.

  31. Linda says:

    What do you think of Bitauto? Will the stock price continue to rise? Why, why not?

    How will China impact Vale, the stock price of which has not been doing well lately?

  32. Harvey' Belsky says:


  33. Dan says:

    First, I would like to say that I watch NBR every evening and the program, Susie and Tyler are great!
    I would appreciate Mr. Kaufman’s comments on the following companies.
    1. Starbucks (SBUX)
    2. General Electric (GE)
    3. Security National Financial Corp. (SNFCA)
    Northridge, CA

  34. alan baribeault says:

    I would like him to discuss Berkshire Hathaway B shares. Thank you

  35. Marcella says:

    Future privatization?

  36. Pops says:

    Am looking for his thoughts on StemCell and it’s coming market. Thank you.

  37. I own two international telecom stocks. ORAN & NZTCY… They have taken a bigger hit than like VZ and T. Any opinions on the future of these companies? They all pay good dividends.
    BJ on Kauai

  38. can you please discuss FFN

  39. Tom Kuhns says:

    Would like to hear about mntg. Does unusual swings and frequent change in upper management

  40. Jeff says:

    My local bank (GSBC : Great Southern Bancorp) has been getting a lot of online attention recently (Forbes, Zacks, Motley Fool, etc) and I’m very impressed with its 61% year-over-year earnings growth as well as its solid dividend history. Do you think this would make a good long-term investment for a conservative investor?
    Jeff from Springfield Missouri

  41. Bruce says:

    I would like to hear a discussion of Rogers Communications, the other Canadian telecoms, and the possibility of Verizon’s entry in this market.

  42. elly horlacher says:

    would like to hear your comments on kmi
    elly from tucson

  43. Larry Giller says:

    Larry Giller, KS asks please discuss Ferrell Gas, FGP, a high dividend stock this Friday.

  44. John Canaday says:

    I would like to hear about the three larger Canadian telecoms and who other than VZ might make a bid for the smaller Canadian telcos and spectrum auction. If VZ makes their rumored bid, any effect on the Verizon Wireless dividend?

  45. Art Nicolai says:

    3D printing seems to be turning into a high growth category. What is the likelihood of tickers DDD and SSYS really taking off? Art from Trinidad, CO

  46. Bob says:

    Could you comment on HBAN,PNM and CISCO. Bob from
    Las Vegas,NV

  47. Edward Haskell says:

    This is Ed from Florida. I own and would like Mr. Kaufman’s opinion on ARIAD Pharmaceuticals (ARIA). Thanks from a long-time NBR viewer.

  48. Thalia Murray says:

    Please analyze Transocean (RIG) to see if it Is a good buy, considering it’s close to it’s historical low. Thanks. Thalia from Oakland, CA

  49. MIke says:

    Please analyze Arena Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ- ARNA), a Biotechnology company who in June of 2012 had it’s first commercial, patented drug BELVIQ approved by the FDA. This drug is the first safe appetite suppressant approved in the US in13 yrs and has just initiated sales. BELVIQ has an unprecedented market of an estimated 90MM people in the US and 500MM people world wide, who are obese. The drug also produces a significant reduction in blood glucose level to the extent that it will eventually be approved as a first in class drug for type 2 diabetes. Arena also has an impressive pipeline of other drugs developed through the use of their own patented drug discovery invention based on a 2012 Nobel Prize winning discovery of the g-protein coupled class of receptors affecting numerous critical human biological systems. These drugs are currently in various phases of clinical trials and have the potential to have a significant impact on improving the quality of life for many individuals world-wide. Mike from Syracuse, NY.

  50. alexander says:

    Any info on Clearwire?

  51. Ralph and Angie Smith says:

    My name is Angie and my husband and I live in Fort Worth TX. We would like to ask Mr. Kaufman about AMX, America Movil. We have owned the stock for many years and are wondering whether we should hold on to it or sell now. We watch NBR – every night on KERA and record if we can’t watch. Thanks so much for all you do.

  52. Bob Paust says:

    I would like for Mr. Kaufman to discuss Cree. I believe this company is the leader in LED light bulbs. Where I live the power company gives away CFL light bulbs. And who wants the risk of mercury in our homes and environment.

    Another small company that manages needle and syringe disposal by providing containers that are postage paid to be shipped to East Texas to be incinerated. This company is Sharps Compliance SMED is the symbol.

    Thank you,
    Winston Salem

  53. Mike Napoli says:

    GDOT is launching Go Bank this week. How does it stack up in the mobile banking category? Does this make them a take over candidate?

  54. My name is Richard and I am in North Carolina. I would like for you to discuss CORNING (GLW) and it’s prospects.

  55. Bob from Illinois says:

    Carbon Sciences Inc. Ticker CABN says they can make gasoleen and other transportation fuels from Natural Gas and CO2 for 1 dollar a gallon. this sounds like a game changer to me. Could you Interview the CEO ?

  56. Mauli Parikh says:

    Hi, I am Mauli Parikh from Michigan.

    The stock which I like to be discussed is BEAT, – Cardionet..which has been under $2.00 for many years and now it has some movement./


  57. karen loew says:

    The symbol is PAY for Verifone. With all the talk and use of mobile payment systems, why has this stock lost value? What are they doing wrong?

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