Nightly Business Report – Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, stocks may be grabbing all the headlines with another triple digit gain, but NBR will tell you why the real action is in the bond market and what you should do if treasuries are a big part of your portfolio.
And, how much would you pay to see a movie? Two of the biggest names in Hollywood – Steven Spielberg and George Lucas – say you’re going to be paying more…a lot more.

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  1. John says:

    Susie remarked she remembers paying a dollar for a movie. Well, I remember paying ten cents for the Saturday afternoon matinee, which consisted of a first-run movie, Pathe News, a cartoon, and a serial.

    Even better, my father many times took me to the Earle Theater in Philadelphia around 11 AM. For much less than a dollar, we saw a first-run movie, which was followed by a big-band stage show usually. However, one time we saw Abbott and Costello, and they did their baseball routine.

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