Nightly Business Report — October 2, 2015

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, a setback for the job market and what that could mean for the Federal Reserve and the stock market. And, meet the entrepreneur who’s growing his school supplies business while also giving back.


Today’s hot stocks: S, MDLZ, NVCR & UAL.

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Meryl Streep

Thinking about working in Hollywood but don’t know how much money you could make? Wonder no more. According to The Hollywood Reporter, TV actors can make between $15,000 and $100,000 per episode on a network or cable show’s first season, while their A-list film counterparts can earn between $5 and $20 million. The magazine said …

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Everyone from executives to celebrities weighed in this week on an app that allows users to rate other’s professional, romantic or personal attributes — but gives those targeted limited power to remove negative posts. After The Washington Post dubbed it the “the terrifying ‘Yelp for people’,” the soon-to-be released app Peeple became the latest battleground …

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More than a decade after Starbucks helped make “pumpkin spice latte” a household name, there is some evidence that “peak pumpkin” may finally be coming to restaurants. The country’s 500 biggest restaurants launched just 45 pumpkin flavored limited-time offerings, such as Dairy Queen’s Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Cake or Krispy Kreme’s Pumpkin Spice Doughnut, from January …


Stories about staggering loads of student debt are everywhere, from the business school alums with loans worth six figures to the college graduate who faces $800 monthly loan payments. But dig deeper, and a very different picture of the student debt crisis emerges. Those most at risk of defaulting on their loans turn out to …


America’s credit-card debt is creeping back to prerecession levels and it can be detrimental to consumers who carry a balance. “Credit-card debt is very likely going to be the most expensive debt that you’re ever going to service,” said credit expert John Ulzheimer, who has worked for credit bureau Equifax and FICO, creator of the …

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Ron Widup, Shermco Industries CEO

Sweetwater, Texas, 225 due west of Dallas, made its mark in the late 1800s as a railroad hub. Today, it’s known for the power of wind that blows in off the prairies. Sweetwater is the county seat of Nolan County, home to 1,371 turbines, according to Sweetwater’s Chamber of Commerce. It is also home to …


The U.S. economy created 142,000 jobs in September, a number that missed expectations and could cool expectations that the Federal Reserve will start raising interest rates soon. Unemployment held at 5.1 percent, according to the Labor Department. A separate member that includes those who are working part-time for economic reasons or have not looked for …

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