Nightly Business Report — April 22, 2014

Tonight on Nightly Business Report, $65b worth of pharmaceutical deals in the past 24 hours. What’s driving them and should investors expect more? And, inside the Supreme Court case that could shake up the television industry and change how people watch TV.


Today’s stock stories: AMGN, GILD, HOG, JBLU & ISRG


$65 billion worth of pharmaceutical deals in the past 24 hours. What’s driving them and should investors expect more?


Students who take out private loans to pay for college could face a nasty surprise if their co-signer dies or files for bankruptcy: The lender may suddenly demand the loan be paid in full—or even worse, put that loan in default—even though all payments are being made on time. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued …


A case involving Aereo, a web TV service start-up, and broadcast television networks, is before the Supreme Court Tuesday. And the final outcome could impact how consumers watch programs going forward—and at what cost. Aereo, based in New York City, allows paying customers to watch broadcast TV signals live on mobile devices or record the …


First there were rumors surrounding AstraZeneca, then Botox-maker Allergan was caught in a takeover storm and on Tuesday GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Novartis announced a $16 billion commercial tie-up. The pharmaceutical industry has been swept up in a wave of mergers and acquisitions. Industry observers have been waiting for a rush of deals for months, as cash-rich companies work to reshape themselves. And …


Active managers have found a way to make exchange-traded funds—so-called ETF strategist funds—their friends. ETF strategists are active managers who design their own asset allocation models but have to make their market bets with at least 50 percent of holdings in ETFs, according to Morningstar’s widely accepted definition. They are the only investment products growing …


Russia is already feeling economic pain from its Ukrainian land grab—even without tougher sanctions from the West. A fresh round of violence in Ukraine has prompted calls for Western leaders to ratchet up economic sanctions against the Kremlin. But with capital flooding out of the country, the local stock market falling and Russia’s currency weakening, …


The Fed’s easy money policy has undoubtedly put the U.S. economy on firmer footing. Rock-bottom interest rates contributed to the recovery in the housing market and bolstered investors’ appetite for stocks, among other benefits. But the central bank’s long-running stimulus program also exacted a toll on millions of American retirees. For years now, retirees, who …

Boston Marathon

Today was the 118th running of the Boston Marathon, the first since last year’s terrorist attacks at the finish line, but this time everything went off exactly as planned. American Meb Keflezighi won for men and Rita Jeptoo of Kenya defended the women’s title she won last year. Today’s race hosted the most runners in …

Mutual funds & startups

How do you feel about your mutual fund investing in Silicon Valley starups? You may not know it, but according to a report in today’s Wall Street Journal, your fund could have some shares of newbies like Airbnb and Dropbox, if your money is manages by BlackRock, Fidelity, Janus or T. Rowe Price.

Keystone delay

Even with the nation’s demand for oil and gasoline rising, there’s another setback for the long-proposed Keystone oil pipeline. As Jackie DeAngelis reports, there are more delays to bringing fuel from the oil sands of Canada to refineries along the Gulf o Mexico.

Beijing auto show

Alan Mulally was on hand at the opening of the Beijing auto show, as American automakers invest heavily in the world’s fastest growing car market.

Tech earnings outlook

David Garrity of GVA Research Principal joins us to talk more about tech earnings and what to expect when out tech companies report later this week.

Netflix tops earnings expectations; raises prices for new members

Netflix posted earnings that edged past Wall Street expectations Monday, while revenue was largely in line. In addition, the company said it will increase membership costs for new subscribers starting later in the quarter. Shares rallied in extended-hours trading. (Click here to track its shares in after-hours trade.) “Netflix is one of these momentum stocks, it is …