Tonight on Nightly Business Report, President Trump and President Xi say they’ll meet at the G20 summit next week and Wall Street goes into rally mode.

Plus, Facebook unveils its own cryptocurrency. But how will it work?

President Donald Trump, asked if he still wants to demote Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, told reporters Tuesday, “Let’s see what he does.”

Investors seem to think if there’s a rate cut by the Federal Reserve, stocks will automatically rally. That may not be the case.

Wall Street analysts reacted with great fanfare after Facebook finally revealed the details of its long awaited cryptocurrency, Project Libra, on Tuesday. Most analysts believe the crypto project will give the company a major boost and continue pushing Facebook to further greatness.

President Donald Trump is not currently considering removing Jerome Powell as head of the Federal Reserve, despite persistent White House criticism of the way the central bank is handling monetary policy, one of the president’s top advisors said.

Boeing shares climbed on Tuesday after the manufacturer of the 737 Max jets said British Airways’ parent company placed the first order for the beleaguered planes since their grounding in mid-March.

President Donald Trump went after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi on Tuesday for opening the door for more monetary stimulus in Europe, which would weaken the euro relative to the dollar.

Now that Disney has full control of Hulu, audiences can expect more original programming to appear on the streaming service.

Shares of Beyond Meat soared as much as 18% Tuesday morning, briefly surpassing $200 per share and hitting a new all-time high of $201.88.

Professional investors are heading for cover, making the rush into government bonds the most-crowded trade in the latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping “will be having an extended meeting next week at the G-20 in Japan.”

Stocks surged on Tuesday after President Donald Trump said he will be meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, at the upcoming G-20 summit, boosting hope for a U.S.-China trade deal.

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